UrbanHumans is the living connection of artists through dance. It is community, progression, and ferocity. UrbanHumans is an evolving group of dancers and artists that extend their craft to audiences, peers, and the unknowing bystander in order to create an exchange that provides meaning, value, and opportunity.


A message from Artistic Director, Kyle Rostan

"I want to change the world, starting with the New York City dance scene. UrbanHumans is about forming bridges between dancer and musician, muse and painter, idealist and realist, performer and spectator. My goal is to create the most positive and fulfilling experience imaginable while focusing on community, progression, and ferocity.
Community: The focus of UrbanHumans is collaboration to the highest degree. My answer to the typically monotonous NYC dance scene is to start utilizing others' strengths, acknowledging that perhaps everything has been done and yet everything is left to explore. We as artists, creators, and humans can combine our views and talents to raise the artistic standard. UrbanHumans will build a collective network of artists across all genres through the reciprocal act of giving art to one another. The potential of giving what you love is limitless.
Progression: As a New York City based artist, the last few years have been frustrating and slow. Although there is no lack of willing, contributing artists on the scene, there lacks progressive urgency. Moving forward is key to survival. I have always prided myself on being adaptable, stress-free, and able to get the job done to the best of my abilities; UrbanHumans has the same philosophies. The world is kind of nuts. We're just trying to make the most of it, and make some art while we're at it.
Ferocity: Ever since I started dancing at the age of 15, something ignited within me. Dance makes me feel fierce, and that ferocity spills into all aspects of my life. I love everything about me. I plan to teach the world how to love itself and help everyone find how fierce they can be."



[Verb] Being now; current. Flirting with both commercial & concert. Finding strength in togetherness.



[Noun] A being that shares and thrives off of its craft with others.